Wednesday, May 12, 2010


I'm so excited!!!!! My b-day is in 5 days!!! AND MY MOM GOT ME A 5 POUND BAG OF MIKE-N-IKES!!!!!!! YUM! I'll be 13 years old. That means that in 3 years I can drive! =] Anyways enough about my b-day what about...... AMERICAN IDOL!!!!

So who thinks Big Mike and Crystal Bowersoxs should Be top two? I just watched Lee and Crystals performance last night and Lee and Casey just need to be gone. I am soooooo glad Aaron is out! He was horrible! well here is Cryatal and Lee last night.

It was good! But I think Lee is to quiet. But it was good anyways. American Idol is just so intense!!!!!!!!

Another thing that I have found I like is the band Paramore. There really good! Here is a few songs of there's...

She has her scream songs and her nice calm songs. But there really good! And I love her hair! its so red!
Well that's all for now!


  1. Hey! So excited for your party!!!!!!!!!
    I loved Cystal and Lee!!!!!! BUt I don't really like Big Mike. I'm sorry, but he should go. :)

    BTW, what should I bring?

  2. Did I call it, or what??!! Crystal, Lee and Casey. Good bye Big Mike! Ok, he was good too.

  3. LOL, Mrs. Bonham. I am glad that Lee won, but Crystal was better, I think. OF course, Lee is good too!
    Email me bb.